Regina Mills + space


still human - a regina mills fanmix

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bitter rivals -sleigh bells (you are my bitter rival, but i need you for survival) | human - daughter (despite everything, i’m still human, but i think i’m dying here) | this tornado loves you - neko case (i left them motherless, fatherless, their souls dangling inside out from their mouths, but it’s never enough) | landscape - florence and the machine (she can’t see the landscape anymore, it’s all painted in her grief) | sorrow - the national (sorrow found me when i was young, sorrow waited, sorrow won) | youth - daughter (destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time, from the perfect start to the finish line) | tuve para dar - julieta venegas (i had happiness to give, don’t believe i was always this way) | nail in my coffin - the kills (loneliness never truly leaves me alone, i have made mistakes i can’t take back home, i love you, just not the way you want) | son my son - milo greene (just remember the weight of your world’s only resting on me) | smother - daughter (in the darkness i will meet my creators, and they will all agree that i’m a suffocator)


Once Upon a Wardrobe + The Evil Queen Season 1


yeah you think you’ve seen cute but then you see the evil queen in her pyjamas

It’s what I felt when I first held it. I have to say goodbye to the thing I love most.

Regina caring deeply for the men pining for Emma.