I like to surround myself with people with skills that could be useful. That’s something I always keep in mind with like friends or boyfriends or whatever. I gave my boyfriend flying lessons for his birthday. He never showed an interest in flying but I just gave them to him like in case the world has gone to shit and we need to fly away. I was like I need to be with someone who can operate a helicopter.

Sundance 2014 Portraits: Aubrey Plaza for Life After Beth


annakendrick47 Last night we decided to go to Mexico. This morning she has already spilled coffee all over herself. #magical (x)

annakendrick47 She’s a real gem folks (x)


Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza attend DANNIJO + Rashida Jones ‘Fine By Dannijones’ Private Dinner At Chateau Marmont on Novembe 13, 2013